Thursday, January 12, 2012

01 12 Back in JB

On 12 Jan 2012 at about 8 p.m. I rode into JB Taman Sentosa to have my dinner.

2400 km, changed EO 2 xs.  The GN did not failed to start , did not have any electrical problem, did not drop.

The thumping sound of the engine is addictive and it just thump away
 ( in it usual pace) whenever I pull the throttle.

I am supposed to pass the Gn to a new owner before the chinese NY but I have already decided to bite the bullet myself and renew the COE in Mar 12 before I did the full servicing in Melaka.

01 11 Melaka

Setoff from Ipoh at 0830 hrs to ride to KL or Melaka.

reached KL ard 1100  hrs .  As i ride thru the city , I look left and right and  I dun feel like exiting the HW to that 'big' city.

I proceed and at Nilai, I SMS my long time friend Melaka Au Kiat and my wife my location.

at 1300 hrs I exited   NSH into Alor Gajah ahead and instead of Ayer Keroh  as I am long due  for my lunch.

However, Al Gajah proves to be a disappointing choice for lunch.  I compromised into a small chinese zi char coffee shop.

Then , I rode straight to 'red' Bandar Hill area and checked into my friend's hotel.

did a full servicing : clutch plates, fork oil and oil seal, EO and Oil Filter, drum brakes in Melaka.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

01 10 Ipoh Cameron and then Ipoh Again

Leave Betong at 7 a.m in the morning, it was raining.

Yesterday's ride was Baling & P. Hulu. Today is the actual Gerik Ride.

It was said that if you have not rode the Gerik Highway, you 'haven't ride' in Malaysia.

I set off Betong at 7 a.m and rode thru 100 km of fantastic scenery in Gerik.
I had my lunch in Kuala kangsar and reached Ipoh at 12 noon.

I then ride across Ipoh city centre to find the place not very interesting so I head for Cameron HL.

As I ascend through the twisty road up, the temperature drop by 2 deg every 10 mins for the next 1 plus hours.  At 50 km uphill Gua Musang, I reckoned the temperature had dropped to 15 degrees.
'Reckoned' - mine is not a BMW so there is no temperature gauge on my panel but I was shivering in the rain amid the the strong mountainous wind blowing at me and misty  fog surrounding me.

To make it worse, it was really misty and it is drizzling.  真的是寒风刺骨 。  Well when I was in secondary school, I used this word 寒风刺骨  in my composition to describe one of my outing in Singapore and my chinese teacher say that in Spore you should not use this word while you are in Spore, now I can use it so I typed it in chinese.

At a point just 20 km from Kg Raya - the first town.  I was shivering even when I was wearing a t shirt, a sweater and a thin blue jacket. - 3 layers of clothes.

I guess I do not have the warm clothing to ride in these 'temperate' climate.  At that point I guessed I wasn't prepared to ride to cameron in dec climate.

I U-turn and headed downhill.  At foot of the mountain, I saw a large group of cows so I took some pictures.

As it was already 4 p.m. when I reached the cross road at the mountain foot, I decided to go back to Ipoh instead of going KL.

Monday, January 9, 2012

01 09 Betong

Ride from Sg Patani to Betong voa Baling and Perkananan Hulu.

Great ride with good scenery.

Had KFC Lunch which consisit of chicken rice (Hainanese Style) and meat ball soup.  Dun believe you can see the cup carefully.

The look put point in the P.Hulu H.Way was not properly maintained and it is filled with grass.
The last time I was here 8 years ago, the place was new and even have a few vendor stall.
Its a pity the state government did  not maintain it.

01 08 Sg Patani

I was heading towards Georgetown from HY when I see dark clouds infront on NSH.

I left NSH and turned into to Sg Patani and had a relaxing time.

Went Jogging and eat really good Penang Food.

I think the only purchase that I will make during this trip are 2 Angry Bird tee shirts for my son.

The hotel staff insist that I parked my bike in the locked arrea.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

01 07 Hatyai

Hatyai is the same old Hatyai, not much change in Hatyai that is significant to mention here.

Beef Noodle that is made up of 2 packs of TomYam Maggie Mee still cost B50
with free free flow of Ice Water (where to find in S'pore or Malaysia this price ??)

Shopping street still selling almost the same things:  Football Jersy, Sunglass, tee-shirt, Wallet, Handphone Cover.  I guess the only merchandise that I will buy for this trip are 2 angry Bird tee shirts for my son.

01 06 Set off reach Ipoh

Leaving JB.
First day 585 km of NSH Riding.  This is the part that I hate.

The hotel in Ipoh let me park my bike infront. Rm60/nite.
In the morning, I cannot even 'steal' my own bike. 

Set off to Hatyai